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Monday 26 August 2019

Speed Checker For Highway

Speed Checker For Highway

While driving on highways, motorists should not exceed the maximum speed limit permitted for their vehicle. However, accidents keep occurring due to speed violations since the drivers tend to ignore their speedometers. This speed checker will come handy for the highway traffic police as it will not only provide a digital display in accordance with a vehicle’s speed but also sound an alarm if the vehicle exceeds the permissible speed for the highway.

car speed checker


  1. Microcontroller 8051 
  2. A pair of IR sensors
  3. Seven Segment Display
  4. Buzzer


In this project, main work of 8051 is to control entire operation through a coding which is burned inside it manually.
microcontroller  8051

 IR Sensors

It simply sense the vehicles and inform the controller, 8051 complete rest of the work.

circuit diagram for ir sensor


It beeps Whenever any vehicle crosses the speed limit.


Block Diagram

overal setup block diagram


A timer is started inside the microcontroller whenever a low pulse is received on the first sensor. Then microcontroller waits for pulse from second sensor. Timer is stopped whenever low pulse is received on second receiver.

 Speed = Distance/Time

Distance between sensors are known.

Time is calculated by ┬ÁC.

Future Scope

  1. A CCTV Camera can be placed on the highway. If any vehicle has crossed the maximum speed limit then this camera will be triggered to take a picture of the vehicle.
  2. We can add voice announcement system. It will intimate the driver that he/she has crossed the over speed condition.
  3. We can implement the GSM technology. So that the nearest highway security authorities will be informed about the vehicle which has over speed.

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